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dog sledding products

OCR System Supplies


For easy and convenient attaching and/or changing plastic runner material on any sled.


ALUMINUM SLIDE RAILS are screwed onto sled runner bottoms.

PLASTIC SLIDE RUNNERS are then attached to the rails (by sliding them on) and fastened at the front end of the runner with screws.


Changing slide runner material now takes about 5 minutes or less.  Save worn sliders for training and use good plastic for racing.  With a choice of 2 different materials, choose the best material for existing conditions.  Eliminate undulations in runner surfaces when warmer temperatures cause plastic expansion.  Eliminate drag from screw holes in runner surface.  Eliminate re-drilling for replacement plastic.

Available Materials for Slide Runners:

UH*4000 - The same as the old standard. UHMW is the best training material as far as durability, performance and price.  Waxable for best performance in moderate or sticky snow; use appropriate downhill or cross-country ski waxes.  In extreme cold do not wax.

XH BLACK - Contains as intrinsic wax and is the best for all around performance without waxing.  However, relative wear qualities in abrasive conditions are poor.  XH scratches easily but can also be easily shaved or scraped down to smooth out.  It is a good idea to have a back-up set, especially for racing.  Best in excellent snow conditions, outstanding in extreme cold.

For Extremely Abrasive Conditions or as an extra durable set of training sliders, use UH*4000.  It is 3/8" thick and " wider than your runners.

Available Sizes



XH Black


  x 1 x 8





x 1 x 8





3/8 x 1 x 8





3/8 x 1 x 8





x 2 x 8





Aluminum Slide Rails - 8 foot set includes screws   #QCR  $28.00

Insert bit - for square recessed rail screws               #QIB     $1.00

Slide Puller - aids in pulling sliders on and off          #QSP    $4.00

*Shipping note - Rails are an "oversize item" and must be shipped at a higher rate.  East of the Mississippi: add $5.00 to shipping cost, West of the Mississippi: add $10.00.  Rails can also be shipped in 4 ft. lengths, if you prefer, to avoid the extra shipping fee.

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